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Instrumented On-Road Study of Motorcycle Riders
Thank you for your interest in the Instrumented On-Road Study of Motorcycle Riders. This is a riding study conducted in the Southern California area. The study is designed to help researchers gain a deeper understanding of how to reduce motorcyclist fatalities and injuries.
For this study, data will be collected by installing cameras and sensors on motorcycles to look at events and experiences of different riders in real world conditions. There are two systems, a full system (see http://www.motorcycle.vtti.vt.edu/study2/bike.html), and a partial system (see http://www.motorcycle.vtti.vt.edu/study2/bike.html). If you participate, you will be asked to ride your own bike over the course of a year with the data acquisition system installed. You will be compensated $300 or $500, depending on the system installed on your bike.
In order to participate, you will need to be a licensed/endorsed rider and you will need to answer some questions to see if you are eligible.
Note to new or infrequent riders: We've learned from conducting previous motorcycle research that new and infrequent riders are often concerned that it would not be valuable for us to include them in our studies. Please recognize these types of riders are desired for this research and provide considerable value.
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